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Soon an angel's leaving
They're ruled by laws of gravity
Soon this door is closing
And you'll never know unless you go
No, you'll never know if you won't go

Wishing well of wonders
Glitter box of dreams
Inside lie bitter pills
You know I never wanted
To sing for your lover
But the angels sang of love
And outside the night was falling

Fly, fiery angels kiss the sky
Won't you shine your light down on me?
Fly through the blazing cosmic eye
No, you'll never know if you won't go

Eleven ways to lose your mind
Seven ways to shine
Four doors that may take you in
One that's closed behind
I should have seen you leaving
But I never thought you'd go
No, I never thought you'd walk away

It's getting dark, too dark to see
And angel's a long time gone
Too many things I can't combine
With logic reason
How can I tell the black from white
If all is black and blue?
God knows where I'm going

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