Now Its Time to Say Goodbye
But I'll Always Be There in Your Mind
We've Had Our Time, So Lets Not Cry
Whenever You Wonder, Never Wonder Why
And I Hope That Sometimes
You Look Back and Smile

Wish On Me
And I Will Be the Best I Can Be
Wish On Me
I Wish On You
For the Very Best You Can do
If They Never Come (X4)
Wish On Me

Let Me Look At Your Face
So Why I Can Remember Its Grace
Hold Me Close
Hold Me Tight
Dont Ever Forget All the Love We Made
And Dont Ever, How Far
Your Here in My Heart


Never Give Up On That Part of Me
Never Let Go of Your Hopes and Dreams
I'm With You Ever Step You Take
So Hold On For God's Sake
And You'll Never Be When Your Hungrys Gone
I'll Give You Reason to Hold On
My Hand Will Be There For You to Hold
Youll Never Feel the Cold
If You Wish On Me.

Wish On Me (X3)
If They Never Come (X4)

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