Lonely man of Spandau

Angelic Upstarts

Lonely isn't the word to use
For a man who's lost the right to choose
So many years upon his head
All of those days of constant dread
Freedom is a dirty word
With four grey walls so absurd

Freedom is so far away
they took the key threw it away
Forgiveness is a virtue
That seems to be forgotten
All is lost in a sea of hate
They can't even seal his fate

Let him go let him go
He ain't got so long to go

The super powers won't give an inch
They got their showpiece in a cage
How can so much pleasure
Be obtained from a man of bygone days
Or perhaps they don't want to choose

The abne and scourge of hatred
And his lonely years
Just goes to prove
Not only the guilty rule by fear
To see a man broken
Without any tears

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