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Buy Me Happiness


I could use that red soled shoes with this tight jeans,
See what i mean?
Or maybe that long dress made to impress
Deserve that too

Eyeing for that diamond ring for my right hand
Should understand
A one of a kind watch something top-notch
Deserve that too
I do
Make believe

Lalalalalala what do i miss?
Lalalalalala beside that kiss
All those fancy things
Fail to make my heart sing
Can't buy me happinnes

An improved me, maybe lasered and botoxed
Let the world shocked
These lines in my face will be erased
Deserve that too
Changing for another shrink cause mine is
Bored minutes ago
I need a healer to be better
Deserve that to
I do
Make believe

Filling all rooms in this empty heart
But all the glitter all those work of art
I deserve that too

The less i posses could it be the answer
To my bitterness?
Until it's true you should try to
Walk in my shoes
My red soled shoes

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Written by: Anggun / Jean-Pierre Pilot / Vincent Baguian / William Rousseau. Isn't this right? Let us know.