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Lease Of Life


Where you come from?
I hear an angel song
It seems to be a call
Ero's chant of love
Take me throught the storm

When you came from
Far it took so long
Spirit brought me life
A passion at first sight
Lend thy hand, my heart

Nymphs dance around the isle
A phantom screams and haunt me all the time
Then you come!
Like an angel from the skies
Princess of my dreams,
I wonder why you are gone
Someday you'll return

Where do you come from?
Faraway? Beyond?
Virgin as a diamond
Precious like a child
Lend thy hand, my heart

We've got to believe we'll join our lives
Over the vengeance, treason and lies
We can be one
We can restart

Forgive my mistakes
Time will tell
Forgive my mistakes


Since I arrived on this shore

I've seen all my past (someday)
A new force come from the source
A new lease of life

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Written by: Edu Falaschi. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by João. Subtitled by Tárcio and Jeferson. Revised by 8 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.