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No Pain For The Dead


Standing by his coffin
Thoughts have gone astray
Life is just a burden
Carry yours away
Wipe the tears that fall
Moments recalled in the Child's eyes
Watch the world go by
Flying through the stars
Won't hide the scars

Mourning cries
Wasted in this world
I'd never realized
Smiles in the falling rain
Wash the tears away

Face the angels of death
Soon your time will be over
Your salvation is ahead
That's why I said
There is no pain for the dead

Dying now
Hourglass counts down
Leaving this world
Your destination is

Hiding mourning time
Face up to the world
Another day passes by
Living our minutes in vain
Wipe the tears away

(Triumph for the martyrs of the war
Fallen for the causes of the others
Worth the sacrifice?
Heroes are dying now
Hearing their mothers cry
Heaven is a metaphor
Free your mind and spirit)

Mother Earth, do you part take my
Soul, oh no!
Water, wind and fire
Will take our spirits away

(Victims of Sacrifice)
Face the Angel of Death
(Struggling to survive)
Soon your time will be over
(Revolution remains)
Your salvation is ahead
It's not so sad
There is no pain for the dead
(Victims of Sacrifice)
There'll be no rest till you're dead
(Struggling to survive)
Liberation of soul
It's not so sad
There is no pain for the dead, oh!
No pain for the dead

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Written by: Kiko Loureiro / Bittencourt. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Renato. Subtitled by vitor and Yuri. Revised by 4 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.