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Virtue is relative at best
there's nothing worse than a sunset
when you're driving due west
and i'm afraid that
my life is gonna come up short
there is nothing there and i guess i'm scared
i want to have good news to report everytime
i come up for air
now i'm crusing through a chromakey blue sky
but i know that sometimes all i can see is the sun in my eyes
i know that sometimes all i can say
is how i feel
like the whole world is on the other side
of a dirty windshield
and i am trying to see through the glare
yeah i'm struggling just to see what is there

the one person who really knows me best
says i'm like a cat
yeah the kind of cat that you just can't pick up
and throw into your lap
the kind that doesn't mind being held
only when its her idea
yeah the kind that feels what she decides to feel
when she is good and ready to feel

and now i am crawling through the backyard
i am hiding under the car
i have gotten
out of everything
i've gotten in to so far
i eat when i am hungry
and i travel alone
just outside all of the houses where i feel most at home
but in the window you sometimes appear
and your music is faint in my ear

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