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Back Back Back

Ani DiFranco

Back back back in the back of your mind
are you learning an angry language,
tell me boy boy boy are you tending to your joy
or are you just letting it vanquish
back back back in the dark of your mind
where the eyes of your demons are gleamin
are you mad mad mad
about the life you never had
even when you are dreaming.

who are these old old people
in these nursing homes
scowling away at nothing
like big rag dolls just cursing at the walls
and pulling out all of their stuffing
every day is a door leading back to the core
yes, old age will distill you
an dif you're this this this full of bitterness now
some day it will just fill you

when you sit righ tdown in the middle of yourself
you're gonna wanna have a comfortable chair
so renovate your soul before you get too old
cuz you'r egonna be housebound there
when you're old you fold up like an envelope
and you mail yourself right inside
and there's nowhere to go
except out real slow
are you ready, boy, for that ride?

your arrogance is gaining on you
and so is eternity
you better practice happiness
you better practice humility
you took the air, you took the time
you were fed and you were free
now you'd better put some beauty back
while you got the energy
you'd better put some beauty back, boy
while you got the energy

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