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Carry You Around

Ani DiFranco

How pleased can one
sun setting make you
if you humble yourself
to it?
how grateful can you
realy say that you are
just to be here and live
through it?
and when beauty asks a question
how often do you reply?
how often do you wonder
about life on the other side?
on the other side of sorrow
on the other side of rage
on the othe rside of ok
ok at all
in any way
imagine what loneliness
will drive someone to do
now multiply that times me
and multiply that times you
now imagine what it would take to make
this all happen again
and just when you think you're gonna cry
multiply that times ten
are distracting me
from all other activities
and i know the fact of your presence
will dominate my memory
of this restaurant this table
this day and this town
cuz i carry you, baby
i carry you around

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