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I Know This Bar

Ani DiFranco

I know this bar
with a jukebox full of medicine
and christmas lights blinking
around a clouded mirror
it's not that far
from old voelkers bowling alley
just go up there and turn right
it's about three blocks from here

you'll probably find grace
her shift starts at happy hour
she's got this sweet face
easy as tea leaves to read
you gotta know what to look for
you gotta know what's there to find
but then i guess you don't really know her
so nevermind

i used to hang out a lot around here
in that part of town
where all the white kids
still have feathered hair

i know this song
with this one really killer line
i don't remember it exactly
but it slays me every time
it's on the jukebox there
i know it's number 5403
go put that song on for me won't you
and make gracie think of me

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