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Fair Weather

Ani DiFranco

For lee i'm cement, but behind the buttons on my blouse my heartis bent
between fair weather and a woman who may never be. a woman whowould be me. or
the smell of women with a recipe. all those voices stirringjealousy into the
sounds cooking in me. well, i lost five seconds to the powersthat be. and
then a man, some man defined chronologically. wet in my mind,dripping into
the rest of me. for your desire distorts, disguises what comesnaturally. oh,
and soft smells from apartment two and some farm outside. my bodybrings its
smells to what it's tried. and some hair is healthy, but all hairis dead. and
i think that's what it's like in my head. for lee i'm cement, butbehind the
buttons on my blouse my heart is bent between fair weather and awoman who may
never be.

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