God In His Culture

Anika Moa

It seems Ive forgotten
Just how you would handle this
The streets are all vacant
And the love songs are stronger than they are
And how would you give it up
And how did you lose it before
Theres something uncertain
About the way you carry yourself
Carry yourself

In these walls I am lost in defeat
All my life I will be on the street
It may not be right but it might not be wrong for me
In these walls Ive been counting the years
All my life Ive been crazy
I may hold the answer a thousand times through
Its my law

I was thinking of yesterday
Of God in his culture
He wraps Himself in glory
And punches out the holes in your life
Has everyone been sleeping
Has the twisted tormentor been found
His laugh would house a million or terrified sould
His cry would stump the earth
His recklessness been told


And I once tried a moondance in the rain
And I once caught the sunshine in the rain
And God in his cultures in the rain (feeling like hell)
And I once caught the sunshine in the rain


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