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  1. Anima Damnata
  2. Antichristian Nuclear Shitlust
  3. Celebracja ascezy
  4. Cum On Christ
  5. Death To Christianity: Part I - Scorn
  6. Defile The Cross
  7. Demonic Dominion
  8. Der Hurenbock von Sancta Sedes
  9. Deus Mortem
  10. Feast In The Blood
  11. Fecal Daemon
  12. Incipit
  13. Insulter of Heavenly Whore
  14. Is It Worth Waiting For The Death Call?
  15. My Blood and Flesh Belong to Hell
  16. Necrosadistic Masturbation Upon The Mary's Disemboweled Corpse
  17. No Glory In Heaven
  18. Nuclear Lucifer
  19. Onward To Dungeons Of Death
  20. Part II - Ciasna pizda maryji (Tight Cunt of Holy Mother)


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