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Another day. Day ends.
The silence prevails in my mind.
Drag me in the sphere of formality.
I will nor return into that place
I will not return into that atmosphere

Oh God that drags me in this new day
What do you have for me.

The dreams tomorrow
With fears of an another illusion
In life's euphory (on life)

Disillusioned. By love
In life's euphory
A freezing kiss. Kill me
Illusion. Only illusion
My dreams. My fears
Oh god a new day
Another illusion

My brain. The voices of the dead
Cold melody. Damages me
Rends my mind. In a silent corner.
Silence of the night. I see my sorrow
My sorrow........

Another day
Another illusion
In my life
In my eyes
Another illusion
My dreams. My fears
Og God a new day
Another illusion

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