When you praise my name I'll fulfill your expectation
Looking for an answer that'll dignify your prayers
What remains when your savior becomes human?
You feel the legend something sacred
You cant understand
Becomes bigger than the man

Pray for help cry out scream for me now
I'm not your superhero
Pray for help cry ill scream for you now
I'm not your superhero

All my love and hate radiate and become equals
Untouchable enmity has always been my fate
Mine alone agony destined to suffer
Eternally my story never goes as planned
And its bigger than the man

Once upon a time I would do anything
For anyone; at anytime
And all I asked for was your faith
Was that to much to ask?

Ther is no god there is no king
There is no saint of broken dreams
There's only you and truth and soul
The superhero is you own

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Written by: Anthrax. Isn't this right? Let us know.
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