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A Place For Us


The kids sing out in defiance
Against a world that has forgotten them
And the media ask, "why are the kids so angry?"
Afterwards they'll go back home,
To their uncaring fathers and misunderstanding mothers
And they'll dream of a time when they're back again
With all their friends at another show
Where they will sing, "these are the days...
These are the days we will never forget"
Sixteen, and all alone,
Searching for a place to call her home
Thinking about a bottle or maybe even worse,
But she passed on self-destruction when she found a better way
At the show, with the kids, the excitement of change
And singing along with every kid in the crowd,
She breathed in deep, and she sang out loud, "these are the days...
These are the days...
These are the days we will never forget"
He was never called cool, no, he never fit in,
Cause he thought for himself and he went against the trends,
But the abuse at school, was finally setting in...
'til he found a place to go, with the
Other punk rockers at the punk rock show
And shoulder to shoulder with his new allies,
He forgot about school, as tears came to his eyes...
And he sang, "these are the days...
These are the days...
These are the days we will never forget"
Singing under the corner light, my six string in my hand,
Playing my songs all by myself, thinking...
"no one out there could possibly understand"
But it wasn't too long before i realized i was wrong,
And i found myself, singing from a stage,
A chorus of voices singing along...
And we sing... "these are the days...
These are the days...

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