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Basic Breakdown

Apartment 26

I'm being made to pick a side, now only fate can decide
They're telling me to stand up and stand up
I'm being made to fake a slide, now differeniate my kind
I'm telling you to stand up and stand up
So get up! And get up!
Fuck it up! Yeah get up-now!

And it feels bad to say I have nothing to show
And if feels wrong to say I have nowhere to go
I'll come back to you, and you'll see
I've had more than time to grow

Are you the one who hasn't lied, impossible to define
Losing your right to stand up and stand up
Living life like a parasite
Do what you need to survive
Time to defy and stand up and stand up

You're facing breakdown all over again
Your basic breakdown
Your basic breakdown
It's so wrong, and it's so wrong for me
It's so wrong, and I feel bad to say I

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