I met you in the third grade
I didn't know that you liked lemonade
I met you another year later
You wore a red sweater with an alligator
We chased the ice cream truck across the street
And I thought you seemed kind of neat
We held hands as we walked to the swings in the park.

You're my girl
I'm your man
I don't care if we live in a garbage can
I'm your man
You're my gal
I'm so glad that we are pals.

You're not fat
You don't smell bad
You're always smiling
Never sad
I bet you take a shower every day
Hey hey hey hey hey.

But then when I saw you
Playing soccer with your friends
I knew that day
Our love would never end.
And this whole time
It blows my mind
Oh well whatever
We're so good together
When you marry me
You'll be my wife.


I'm in love, its great
See you again - can't wait
There's so much to do
You're such a pretty girl
We'll travel 'round the world
To see this love through.

And if you ever went away from me
I would cry
I would fall down on one knee
And I would pray
Yes I would pray
That you would come back
To me someday....


Oh well, whatever
You and me
and that red sweater
Oh well, whatever
You and me
And that red sweater
Are go!

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