Our story began in the heart of a star
We've lost our way, forgotten what we are
We are only particles in motion
Floating through space, what a destructive race
Look at this life as a grain of sand
The blink of an eye
A world in your hands

We're all thinking, feeling, surviving, believing
In what we think is right, refract distorted light
You helped build this fire inside of me
Breathing fire won't burn down the borders
Set against everything that came before us
All those things that you despise
We all see through human eyes

There is no side to choose
Bound together, we all win or all lose

Life is so short
Take a moment to feel alive
I know all we meant was to expand and to thrive
But we sharpened our claws and we went to war
With ourselves, with each other, with the rich and with the poor
With anyone different, who believes in less or more
Step out of the shadow, cast by left and right wings
Take refuge in each other and the triumph that it brings
Since we stood on two feet, we've been worth so much more
Now tear down the walls, that were built to divide
It's time to extinguish that fire inside

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