Move Through Figurehead Lights


In the flashing of hospital lights
Like the flashing of darkness & life
In the lightning of ambulance sirens
Like the lightning in old mermaids' song
It's the boulder that falls down the mountain
Keeps on falling when reaching the sea
Of beginning & end we know little
Just a siren, the light as it fades

On your hands reflects the passing
Generations, one after the other
Plunging light fertile darkness
Seal your hands. Melting both frequencies
Seal your hands
You came with all the bareness of life
Move through figurehead lights
Move through figurehead lights
Move through a still frozen oceanbed
The shudder of the faces cried charge!

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Written by: Cameron Webster / Estíbaliz Urretxu / Javier Arbulu / Txus Dr.Sax. Isn't this right? Let us know.