Somebody save me
Somebody save me, yeah

Promised myself after the first romance
I wouldn?t give ya a second chance
Said you see, you?re sure to find
A but the closer I get to ya, baby
You drive me stone out - a - my - mind

Oh, yeah, SAVE ME! yeah, yeah
Those who love always give the most
We?re cryin together from coast to coast
Love leaves us cold and hurt inside
Leaves of ours unjustified
Beggin ya ta, SAVE ME!
Yeah, need somebody to
SAVE ME! Yeah - hey - hey - hey

Yeah, um - hum, yeah, um hum - hum

Your love said ya needed me
You abused my love, set me free
You didn?t need, you didn?t want me
Somebody help me, this man wants to taunt me
I?m beggin you ta, Ooooh - oh!

SAVE ME! yeah, Ee - hee, SAVE ME!
Call in the Cape Crusader, Green Hornet
Kado too
I?m in so much trouble I don?t know what ta do
If you?re thinkin a thing about me
SAVE ME! oh yeah, yea, c?mon
I just said
SAVE ME! baby c?mon
SAVE ME! Wooo - hooo, SAVE ME!
Whoa - ho - ho save me...

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Written by: Aretha Franklin / Carolyn Franklin / Curtis Ousley. Isn't this right? Let us know.