Mankind Euthanasia

Ricardo Arjona

reproducciones 5

Mercy killing
Compassion and sympathy to shame
Behold the nihilistic needle
Injecting death fluids in our veins
Collective suicide
Mankind euthanasia
Insane death fluids soon to occur
harvesting pointless souls
Stop birth and give death
We are all useless parasites
We must burn the swarming vermin
Sacrifice the new-born
Give raise to the born-dead
Prepare the funeral for mankind
Order of the ordeal
Necrogenesis sanctified
Aborted survival
Behold the end of All
Mankind euthanasia fantasy
Perpetual pauperisation
Sweeping statement of sepulchres
Burial of the feeble and pathetic
Natural forces symbiosis
Purification throught Global Euthanasia
Human taxidermy
Soaked up in the vortex of universal void
Vomito vulgum pecus
Mors ultima ratio
Credo quia absurdum