At dawn they arise, clad for battle
The sound of drums across the barren lands
Troops in arms marching side by side
Callous eyes lust for pandemonium
Campaign of death in the name of evil
Seething furies about to wreak havoc

The elders had foreseen a torched horizon

Soldiers of death under supreme command
Slaying, maiming, burning and looting
The skies are ablaze; a crimson night falls
The slaughter continues incessantly, relentlessly
No one is spared - be it woman or child
Helpless cries cut off by thundering flames

The ancient truth is revealed - a torched horizon

Blackened earth once rich and fertile
Now drenched with gore of the dead and wounded
Beneath an ashen sky the bodies are strewn
All remnants of life reduced to ashes
Mournful clouds bear witness to the inferno
The brutal ending to a futile struggle

Nothing but death beyond a torched horizon

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