Rollin' down the highway
Crossin' 5 county line
Big block Chevy, Lord can't save me
Gonna have myself a time

Poppin' that switch, hit nitris
Burn an engine on this ride
Fuck doin' 50, passin' 120
Gonna bury that ol' red line

Swamp devil, she a helluva machine
Straight'n curves like the General Lee
Ain't nothin' gonna stop that hellride
On a dark night, ya hear her scream

Well I done tripped out on fuzz rock
Gonna get high as hell
Four on the floor, gimme a little more
Gotta get up outta here

Meet me down in Macon
Gotta a case of homemade wine
Pour me a swig, time to get big
Shit'll make ya go half blind


Three more stops to make, yeah
Johnny law gettin' hot on tail
Lord can't save me
Burnin' up the pavement
Gotta roll on outta here

Ride out in that sunset
Ain't got a goddamn place to be
Ol dog and my woman, gotta get along
Last y'all see of me


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