Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti…
Fat Joe, All Murder Inc…
Irv Gotti, Chris, TNT…

I wanna be your chick
I wanna be down 4 u
(Do ya trust me?) Yeah
(Love me?) Yeah
(You´re puttin´ it on me Ya must be)
Ya down ass chick
I wanna be your chick
(It ain´t only for the RULE baby)
I ride 4 u, Die 4 u
Do anything ya want me to
I be ya down ass chick

[Ja Rule:]
This chick no intentions of bein´ offensive
The women by callin ya´ll bitches
My down ass bitches
Still my queen bitch´s cut look clean
On ya finger next to the finger ya flipped at me
And this no in between me and you
Only me and you
Who else gon´ put it on me like the RULE
God only looks after children and foo´s
And you not so who gon´ look after you
It´s RULE baby

True baby
It´s only for you baby
Vita thighs only divide if you beside
Cuz I love the way you touch me
Nobody can get it
And if it´s comin´ and gunnin´
Just come in it and spit it
So when ya gone for a minute
I just fantasize like if it´s you It´s all in it
Then I´m satisfied til´ you come back to me
Holdin stack and jewels
V-i-t-a and my nigga J-a RULE baby


I´m gonna be here when ya need
RULE baby can always count on me
No you don´t ever have to worry
You know I´ll make it in a hurry
I´m here for ya
And I wont never leave tears for ya
Cuz boy ya got to me
There will never be another for me
You´ll always be my one and only

[Ja Rule (Ashanti):]
Babygirl would ya bust ya gun with me? (Yeah yeah)
Lie to the feds to come get me? (Yeah Yeah)
And if I died Kill for me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you trustin me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you lovin me? (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Yeah let´s get it grinnin
Like we asked for the Simpsons or Ike and Anna Mehoe
On one their good days
You smile like sun rays 5´5 with brown eyes and thick legs
Only for the RULE baby


[Charlie Baltimore:]
Now baby I told you I can show you better than I can tell you
Don´t try to bring conversey and mail
Just sweet words and naked photos
I´m still that pretty down down ass 2 cars behind ya 6
And I diss any clown ass rockin my brown ass only a down ass
And it´s all for u
I´m grown a tad bit since we been at like rare bitches
To move a little bumper and it´s
Shit Who gon´ love you like that?
Thug with you wit a stack to the ceilin
And spilt in the dub with you
Cuz I played my position with KO-D´s, O G´s
Until that blood shed blood red and we O-Ded
Remember every word that ya told me
All you need in your life is Chuck, drugs, and dubs on 22´s
Now tell me who the hunny for you

[Chorus x2]

Por Lívia Gomes

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Written by: Ashanti / Charlie Baltimore / Chris / Fat Joeirv Gotty / Ja Rule / TNT / Vita. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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