[Paul Wall]
There can be only one
Swisha house
Paul Wall what it do
Murder Inc.
It's the Houston hard hitter out the seven one three
It's the people's champ, Paul Wall yea that's me
Come take a ride with the player out the Lone Star
I'm just a hustler on the grind no forgettin that cake
I came up from the bottom now I reside form the top
I used to run away from the cops so now its Benzes I
I used to POST UP on the block like Yao Ming on that
But now I pimp the parking lot drivin slow and sippin
Wit Ashanti on my side as I glyde like Clyde
And nothin listenin wit twenty-fo's on my ride
It's just somethin 'bout the way I tip fo's and grip
And got the boppers on the sideline goin insane
I got 'em on it, my mackin game is out of control
But I don't know if it's my looks or my big bank roll
I'm tweny-fo' years old wit a mouth all gold
My game's cold and the story's been told it's Paul
Wall baby

See I dunno why (why) I'm feelin just the way I do
It's been a long time (time), I thought that I was
over you
But now you coming around again, I be remembering
whatcha said
I just can't take it, and I don't wanna go back (oh

[Chorus - Ashanti]
What is a girl to do if she still on it? (Yes)
And she been there before with you, and now she don't
want it (Yes)
It's been time and time again, I just wish this thing
would end, tell me
What is a girl to do if she still on it?

Whenever we talked (talked), it feels like we had
something strong (strong)
And knowin it's wrong (wrong), we tried to do this
thing before
But when you coming real close to me, bringing back
all of them memories
I just can't fake it (fake it), but I don't wanna go
back (Oh no)


[Method Man]
Ah, yea
Auntie Ashanti is a problem, this track here is a
The best thing rockin since that cotton came to Harlem
Meth darling, I'm like that Hershey with the almond
And I don't beg for nothin but your pardon
They start and I finshed, my animals is starvin for
Straight up menace, y'all don't get involved in my
Look eyewitness, spotted like a blemish all gimmick
I'm fifty-nine, fiffty authentic
Tilted wit that NY on it, this money till be made and
I want it
See my palm been itchin for the longest
But scratch that paper like NASDAQ we laugh at like
Roll the dice, get the cash back, I'm nice
Plus I got the juice so I go well wit ice
Been drug tested three times failed it twice
Ashanti you doin it big, don't hurt 'em auntie
Matter fact you killed 'em girl, you murder mami
Yea, yea
say wats a girl to do if she still on uuuuu hey
now he dont want mo spend time time again wish this
would end tell me wats a girl to do oooo if she still
on u oh yah oh yah oh yah oh yah


This little somethin for your eardrums
Paul Wall, Swisha House
Method Man, Wu-Tang
Ashanti, the one and only princess
Hahahahaha yea
We get back at you in two-thousand six
It's Murder
Fo' life

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