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"Hello, mother leopard.
I have your cub. You must
protect her, but that will be
expensive. 10,000 kola nuts,
wrapped in brown paper.
Midnight, behind the box.
I'll be the hyena, you'll

This could last us all a lifetime
limbs intact, untouched
on the screen of a video tape
confined to bedposts
we wait as lepers
upheld at knife's reach
we covet all the status quo
this syringe will take a lifespan
it's filled with bait and tackle
try and catch us if you can

sacrifice on railroad tracks
freight train coming
unconscious tied and gagged
freight train coming

meet us at the corner
of fifth and pontiac
make sure that no one else
is with you
if you wish to see them alive
then humor me with this request
humor me with this request
in basements we will hide
amnesia in our alibis

they kept a close eye
on your get well incentive

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