The Isle Of The Dead


I'm dying
Laying on the bed that will be my last one
The faces of my beloved surround me
They'll all pass me away

I have no fear,
My time is done and it's time to leave
Nothing remains of me
But my dying body that lies in this circle of tears

My eyes will soon close
And my soul will reach its new home
The empty shell of my body
Will turn into dust and ashes

And suddenly it is done
I watch my corpse, flying upon him
I've got nothing to do here for evermore
It's time to leave now.

The Journey
I'm dead now
Sat in Charon's boat, I'm reaching my new home
Into the isle of the dead, he'll lead me
Where I'll rest for the end of times

I have no fear,
The floods are filled with lost souls who'll try to get me
But they won't take my spirit
Cause I'm already done with life

My eyes will soon see
The giant trees and the island's hole-filled cliffs
My ethereal and living soul
Will reach its eternal sleep

And slowly we cross the lake
I watch the shore, craving to touch it
I'm so tired, please let me die
It's is time to rest now

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