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You Still Amaze Me

Audio Adrenaline

There's nothing new under the sun
Left for me to do
The last great thrills I've felt are fleeting
Once I was excited
For the things the world could give
But no more
I'm only thrilled by You, and You

You still amaze me
You still amaze me

Bigger than the sky
Brighter than the sun
You're the One

You filled me with the things I need
And gave me something more
And I've ran with the freedom
That You gave me

You're the reason for the stars that decorate my night
So I sing, yeah I sing
You're the maker

And I'm free to be loved
I'm alive from Your gentle touch
I'm touched from the sky
Let me cry, You're amazing

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Written by: Ben Cissell / Bob Herdman / Mark Stuart / Tyler Burkum / Will McGinniss. Isn't this right? Let us know.