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Do Not Go To Tennessee

Austin Lounge Lizards

Do not go to Tennessee
That is what my Daddy said
But I knew Daddy was a fool
I listened to myself instead
Do not go to Tennessee
'Cause it would be a big mistake
They will treat you like a dog
And never give you a fair shake
I was going out to Nashville; I was gonna be a star
I would have my name inlaid between the frets of my guitar
My videos would play on TNN and CMT
And the fans at Opryland would stand in line for me
And so I went to Tennessee
I was successful right away
I wrote a tune with Mr. Big
I got a deal with MCA
It was a Number One Hit Song
Although it took a week or two
Sometimes the wait seemed mighty long
Lord knows you've got to pay your dues
When I go back to Oklahoma
Everybody says, "Ooowee!"
Who would have thought a kid like that
Could be on nationwide tv?
I bought my Daddy a new home
Out on Lake of the Cherokee
He calls me on his mobile phone
To say he's glad I went to Tennessee

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