When I look into my heart I feel
All the hurt that was there
Then I look into your eyes and see
All the joys that we've both shared

I dont wanna wish for love too hard
But now all my dreams are of you
And if dreams come true
Then you'll be my first time love

There were moments before when I thought I was in love
But I know that it wasn't nearly enough
It's so hard to remember my sad yesterdays
And from now to December it's Christmas always
You know that it's true
Yes, you are my first love
Well, there may have been a few before
But you are my first love
And nobody else could want you more than I do

"Cause it's you that I love
Yes, it's you that I love
And never more again could there be a better friend
Oh, I had my wish
Now my wish has come true
I needed some love and there was you
Couldn't ask for more 'cause you are my first time love

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Written by: Dave Grusin / Harvey Mason, Sr. / Patti Austin. Isn't this right? Let us know.