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Fear Of Flying

The Auteurs

you may be wary of fallen stars
they're always poking around in the dark
the ariel view of a dying man
screaming out can you help me invisible man
you must be wary of ghosts in the dark
they know all your history they know all your past
all of the angels are doing their bit
clearing the house of your animal shit

fear of flying is eating you whole
i have no fear of dying at all
it's absurd that a silver bird
should have a fear of flying at all

you may be wary of who you short change
keeping the short-con well within range
the ariel view of an idiot bird
screaming out can you help me but nobody heard

you may be wary of ghosts of the past
sexless and incorrigible in the dark
they're making an ariel map of abuse
all of the a-roads leading to home

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