Shadows of moonlight nights

Autumn's Grey Solace

Their sky turns to dusk
Over the weeping of willow trees
Swaying in the tepid breeze

A howling moon arousing the forest
Children of the stars fall to play
In the winds their voices sing
Deepening trees swallow the moonlit trail
They follow the echo

Heard by the night
They tranquilize the peeking eyes
That scrutinize their every thought
To the moon's delight
They galavant amongst the path
Dangling from snakily limbs
They're like shadows

Laugh and cry
Live and die
Seek and hide
Cherishing the moon
Rolling clouds sprinkle dust
Upon their silkened hair
Of deepest black
Bouncing parades of peace in the night
They lead the watching eyes

The waning moon sets to rest
Withering a night sky to a zombie grey light
As with the moon
Beneath existence
Their bony feet scamper
To their maternal sanctuary
Hidden where farness cradles the earth

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