Photo of the artist Avinar

In Our Forest Of Burning


When i was shine, i did neigh backwards. because i was helpless. my screams on the throne and my gloom like fire of hell, now and here.
Because i died in graven of gloom, graven of fire. devil's hand are holy when i burn here. god's wiplash contact to my head. i died by dead angel. covet to dark hell out. wherever labels unforgiven place. where the
Devil lives and he is happy.
Because i wait to him. i come to neverland. i howl like a werewolf of satan. all
This miseries just for me.
My new lable is rebel here ! i see one pentagram, now. in satan hands one pentagram. this is the time of my creeping lips. this is dark hell. dark hell is mourner tear end.

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