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All I Want


Your heart is like a swarm of bees
A little breeze that makes a sound
I want to climb up
You want to climb down
You want to run
I want to freeze
See my heart, it's on the outside
Boom boom, you smell the blood
Show me know, pretty please
Where'd you hide the love

All i ever really wanted
All i want is love

There i go, once again
Turned it round like a big truck (?)
Filled your head like a cb
All scrambled and fucked-up
Got stung on my little tease
It's the little things that make the big disease
So now you say, you say to me
Where'd you hide the love?


Now my heart's that swarm of bees
My head buzzes on my knees
I want my feet to run away
I want you here to stay
To ease away all i said
To put my heart inside your head
I want to hear you say it every day
Where'd you put the love?


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