Decided!Open,my heart!
And couting!What I feel!This song!
Sometimes the words escape me.
The more I know what I feel for you.
It's something that goes beyond imagination.


I need you here,
I need you near me,
Can no longer hold me,
It is by your side I want to be.
Stand by your side mekes me feel good.
And I do not give it more open,
Why in your eyes I see paradise.

I do not know!Express!What I feel!
But I have!Sure!That you understand!
Let the words escape me.
More I need more of you.
Today and Always.

Understand...I need you Here!!

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Written by: Rafaela Hannayara Gonçalves De Souza Hannah · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Rafaela
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