I'd do anything

We've had our good times and bad
Baby what is sad
I miss you girl
Oh, yes I do
Now that your gone away
It's hard for me to say
I miss you girl
Oh, yes I do
I just want you to know
That the love I have is real
But girl I really want to show you how I feel

I'd do anything
To be with you again
Just name the place
And I will be there
Oh tell me why can't I
Have the one I love
Just like the way it used to be

I miss you all of the time
When you were mine
I miss the way it seemed so right
How could I let the girl I love
Slip right through my hands
I can't get you off my mind

I just want to make you understand
I need you for my girlfriend
until the very end
Oh I miss holding hands and playing games
I get chills when I hear your name 'cuz I know
It'll never be the same

I'd do anything
Just to be with you
I'll tell you that I love you
It you want me to

Just call my name
And I'll be there
To let you know
How much I care


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