Here we are
Been so far
From the things that we don't talk about
But I'm glad that it's you
And not a fearless clueless heartless little youth
It could be true
Cause we always thought that no one ever knew
But they do
'Bout me and you

Here I go
And you know
For a second there I thought that we could live
In a dream
But what am I supposed to do
We're not seventeen
You think I'm mean
When I tell you all I want is to get down in between
You'll see
It's not meant to be

Blitzkrieg loveshock

We pretend
There's no end
And if I play my part we might just get away
When it's dark
They say you can not light a fire without a spark
D'ya wanna burn
Cause the heat's not gonna cool if you never learn
So what
Gotta make the shot

Blitzkrieg loveshock

Did you think that you could be mine
No 747 departs on time
But I always keep you in my shrine

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