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Against the Grain

Bad Religion

Three thousand miles of wilderness
Overcome by the flow
A lonely restitution of pavement
Pomp and show
I seek a thousand answers
I find but one or two
I maintain no discomfiture
My path again renewed
Against the grain
That's where I'll stay
Swimming upstream
I maintain against the grain

Here labelled as lunatic
Sequestered and content
There ignored and defeated
By the government
There's an oriented public who's magnetic
Force does pull
But away from the potential of the individual
Against the grain

The flow is getting stronger
With smaller increments of time and eddies
Of new ideas are increasingly hard to find
You need all that the other has
Your right to seize the day
But in all your acquisitions you will soon
Be swept away
Against the grain
There's a common consensus
And an uncomfortable cheer
A reverberating chorus that anyone can hear
It sings: Leave your cares behind you
Just grab tenaciously
This lulling sense or purpose will
Destroy us rapidly
Against the grain

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Written by: Greg Graffin. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Pablo. Subtitled by Gabriela. Revised by Ana. Did you see an error? Send us your revision.