She's a long, tall, skinny-minny, never says a word, but she knows

She never tells me why, she's clever and she lets it show

She's an all-around, bawdy-clawdy, everyday collector of dreams

But she never tells me why she's clever and she loves to please

Stay, baby, stay
Play, baby, play
Won't you please?

She's the old soul of Rock 'N' Roll, she's every kind of woman you see

She never tells me how, she's so clever as she has to be

She's an all-night, treat-me-right, answer to my lonely day

She never tells me why, she's clever and she always plays

Yeah [Joey]
Come on, please [Pete]
Please [Pete]

Stay [Joey]
[guitar solo (Pete Ham)]

[guitar solo (Pete Ham):
Please, won't you please?
Won't you please?].

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Written by: Joey Molland / Mike Gibbins / Pete Ham. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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