Do you know about Jesus?
Has He touched you within?
Have you felt His love?
Every child should know his father
Every man should know his friend
Do you know my God?
He came down from Heaven
He created men
Oh and even though we wander far away from home
He takes us back again
Jesus really loves you

I know he will forgive you
Makes no difference what you've done
He will set you free
God has no respect of persons
He will change your life around
Just like He did for me
Every day He sends a raven
Every night He gives me rest
Even when my trials weigh me down
He lets me know I'm blessed
Jesus came to let us know
That God is love
I'm so glad God is love
And His love saved me

When I was poor in spirit
Jesus picked me up
Oh what peace He had
He reached down
And He touched me with His mercy
Then He washed me in His blood
My God has made me glad
Then He filled me with His spirit
And I heard my Father say
Tell your brother I love him
Let him know that I'm the way
Oh! Bless the name of Jesus
My God is love
I'm so glad God is love
And He cares when you cry
He'll wipe the tears from your eyes
He cares for you
I'm glad I know God is love

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Written by: Anna Gordy Gaye / Elgie Stover / James Nyx / Marvin Gaye. Isn't this right? Let us know.