You're the coolest person
That I have ever seen
So perfect with your pretty face
On the TV screen

You're a god I know it
How you stand above them all
You are my perfect person
Man I'd hate to see you fall

I want someone to believe in
Yeah well don't we all
'Cauz in this life of imperfection
Need someone who won't fall
You got it, you got it, you got it all

Got a magazine today
That was full of you
Shocked to read the words they said
Tell me they're not true

Add you to my fallen list
One more has hit the ground
The fault was mine
I held you too high
Your only way was down


I can't deny this need inside (I can't deny)
I have to find the perfect one (I have to find)
But I wonder if behind my need (I wonder)
There might just be a reason

Is my life just one big searching
For the one I can adore?
It never works
And I'm just left here wanting more ( I'm wanting more)

Could it be this hunger's there
To drive me to the one (drive me to the one)
Who's worthy of all worship?
Would my searching then be done?


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