Wake up, get up there's no time to waste now
I'll Never shut up, it's our turn to speak out
These streets are dead just waiting to come alive
Break down the doors of our comfortable room
Tear down the walls we never could see through
Aren't we sick of missing out on life??

Do We want more?
Tell me do we want more

Cause we've heard the cry
and we've come alive
and we fight for love
and we live to die
because a life that holds no meaning
is like a day without the light
so we've come alive tonight

All have the call but so few will listen
Life is too short, you don't want to miss this
Make up your mind before life passes by
Now is the time to wake up and see this
world won't revolve around you and me so
lets be the change we've all been wating for


We are the passion
We are the movement
We are the fire we'll never lose it

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

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