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You've been on my mind
Now girl i got to tell you
How this heart of mine
Is feelin' like it's never known
Words just can't define
This magic of desire
Tonight's the night and baby we're alon

Let's get deeper into each other
Girl let me show you how i feel
Let's get deeper into each other
Girl let me show ya somethin' real

One step at a time
Ne need to rush this moment
Your body close to mine
Feel the heat i'm giving out
Don't hold back on love
We've come so far together
Turn out the lights there's nothing left to doubt


Let go of your defenses
Ooh i need to hold you tenderly
Let me fill all you senses
And you'll feel how deep our love can be

Terminal baby, ya'll got me going under
Like i'm crazy hypnotized
Love me up, love me up, do me all the little
Dirty things you fantasize
Makin' it up, shakin' it up, we got the whole
Private night to ourselves
And even in the dark you can trust me
I'm under your spell...


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Written by: Joe Lamente / Peter Zizzo / Russ Desalvo. Isn't this right? Let us know.