I can tell something up
You havn't touched your scotch
You've been staring out the window
Now you're staring at you watch
And lately that's been happening too much
I think we're losing touch

Is it something that I've done
Or things I've never said
It's been getting pretty quiet
There on your side of the bed
Remember when we used to talk so much
I think we're losing touch

After all the love we found together
Who have ever guessed that we could fall
After all the things we had in common
Were they too commom after all

Won't you tell me what's wrong
I haven't got a clue
Is there something we can take for this
Or somethink we can do
Together you and I have had so much
There's so much to lose
And I think we're losing touch

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Written by: Barry Manilow / Bruce Sussman / Jack Feldman. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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