Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It

Barry White

Hey you know i don't really give a damn
If it would have took forever
I would have waited baby
And waited,
And waited,
And waited.......(fading out)

I, ohyea

I think that everthing will be alright
(all right)
We'll have to work our sweet love at night
(at night)
Ah,the two of us in love together
In short,now and forever
We've only just begun to feel the fire burn
Oue eye of love will burn
And let the people know
That we intend to pay
When trouble comes we'll stay
My love for you can no one take
Oh love i just got to say


Girl,oh love well we finally made it
Girl my oh my
Girl you don't know how long i've waited
Oh love well we finally made it
Girl oh my oh my
Ah you don't know girl
How long i've waited.

Love,ah,my love,my love,my,my
My love,my love,my my

What would i do without you
Nothing in this world
Could stop us now
(stop us now)
We're going tomake it,yeah
So beautiful close to you and me
Let's keep our love happy,free
Free from all the hurt and pain
Oh,gotta say it again



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