Gazing far into the unknown
Young eyes glimmering in wonder and awe
How can one
Resist something so pure and strong

Eternal fire
Rebirth and triumph (whoa-oh)

Search goes on for this
Restless soul
Trying to find a peace of mind in the storm
Lost on earth, as if spellbound by some unseen force

Eteernal fire
Rebirth and triumph (whoa-oh)

Touch the flame and learn

A road may end but the journey does not
Wheel of infinity will never wear rust
Ageless voyager, unfolding the paths yet unwalked

There's no stillness it can not break
Nothing compares to its empyrean blaze
Throw yourself into the averlasting flame

Eternal fire
Rebirth and triumph (whoa-oh)

Eternal fire!!
Rebirth and triumph (whoa-oh)

Eternal fire!

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