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10,000 Feet

Beautiful South

The part of love that i'm scared of
Is the actual taking off
I can take a bumpy landing
But the start must be soft
Soft, soft, soft
It must be soft

Some men need your attention
Every minute, every hour
Some women need the proof
In every chocolate, every flower
Are you asking me down your runway?
I'm asking you to be watchtower
Tower, tower, tower
To be watchtower
Tower, tower, tower

Some men just like the journey
Don't care if it's incomplete
Some women like a long trip
Some women short 'n' sweet
But if we lift each other up
Let's make it 10,000 feet
Feet, feet, feet
10,000 feet
Feet, feet, feet

The reason i'm still down here
And i've never taken off
Is i never had the courage
To rummage through love's loft
Loft, loft, loft
The highest loft
Loft, loft, loft

Cos when we're finally up there
And the engines have been stopped
The landing won't be fatal
If love's parachute's been dropped
Dropped, dropped, dropped
Love's been dropped
Dropped, dropped, dropp

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Written by: David Rotheray / Paul Heaton. Isn't this right? Let us know.