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Keep on truckin like a novacane hurricane
No static on the paranoid shortwave
Short fuse, got to dismantle
Code-red: what's your handle?
Mission incredible undercover convoy
Full-tilt chromosome cowboy
X-ray search and destroy
Smokestack black top novacane boy
Got so numb, longhorns drums
Detonate with the suicide gate
Test-tube, stillborn days
Telescope rays in the rabies haze
Got the momentum radioactive

Step aside for the operation
Full spectrum generation
Cyanide ride down the turnpike
After hours on the miracle mic
Grinding the gears, eighteen wheels
Pigs and robots riding on their heels
Plowin? through a roadblock
Making a sandblast

Diesel infernos burning like Drain-O
Down the horizon. purple gasses
Semi-trucks hauling their asses
Novacane, hit the road
Expressway Explode!

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Written by: Beck / John King / Michael Simpson. Isn't this right? Let us know.