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Someone Belong To Someone

Bee Gees

I know how I feel
Lonely in the black of night
There can be no love for me now
Nobody listens when the words ain't right
And you get into someone else
It's hard for me to know
Who's lovin' who
And where do I stand
What did I do it all for
There's no one I could love more
I did it for your heart alone
All that I try to be growin' inside to me
I can be strong if you're there

And there is someone belonging to someone
And I got no one belonging to me
I live in a world where the face of an angel
Is all that a fool can see
You got the power to find me whenever I'm lost
Where are you? Who are we?

I believe in time
Can eat away a heart of stone
And baby if I leave you too late
It's just a feather and the bird has flown
It's colder when the fire dies
With all the trouble I'm in if I lose you too

Then what is my life
If I don't wanna go through
Anything without you
Couldn't be life at all
I could be lyin' on
You are the only one
We didn't make it by chance
And there is someone
Belonging to someone
And I got no one belonging to me
I'm caught in a world on
The edge of tomorrow
It's all that a fool can find
I don't belong in the arms
Of a love that is lost
Nowhere to cry
There must be something we
Can say my love
Something except goodbye

And there is someone belonging to someone
And I got no one belonging to me

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Compuesta por: Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb;Robin Gibb. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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